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1.92 per serving. Making it much more effective and also more affordable than a cup of coffee after a long night out!

BrainBrain is the ultimate solution after a long weekend.

  • This blend contains everything your brain needs to recover from a hard night out and replenish all the much needed nutrients for your recovery and wellbeing.

  • In addition to that, BrainBrain works extremely well as a nootropic supplement to boost focus, motivation & creativity on a daily basis as it contains everything your brain needs to feel good, constantly.

  • It is also a perfect replacement for coffee, energy pills & energy drinks. No jitters, no crash, just a super smooth boost in energy & focus! 

0% sugar, caffeine free, vegan, halal.

  • Winter 2022 Special Offer - Free Shipping Worldwide!
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For a more detailed description refer to our homepage & the nutritional information.