BrainBrain was founded by two festival organizers: Henri Liiv and Maanus Leesment. And if there’s one thing I can tell you about us - Our whacky, crazy lifestyles are anything but normal. 
When your job is to hang out with DJs, artists and the rest of the underground scene every damn day of the week.. “Normal life” goes out of the window pretty quick. 
For years, we have lived the most extreme, vulgar, hedonistic lifestyle you could imagine. And the stories we could tell you would make your jaw drop to the floor...
But as you can imagine, this kind of life can take a toll on you pretty fast. Before you crash and burn. HARD. After all, there’s only so much your mind and body can take...
And since being sober every night or going to bed early was never an option, we desperately searched for a solution.
Something that could let us have as much fun as we wanted, and still allow us to be 100% mentally sharp the next day. 
We tried everything we could get our hands on. From off-the-shelf solutions, to prescription stimulants let’s just say, the “devil’s powder”.,, But nothing worked like we wanted.
They were all either addictive, ineffective or full of side effects. That’s why in 2017, we put together a team of researchers to create the ultimate formula with a few strong core ideas: 
🔶 Our supplement must be 100% safe to use at all times 
🔶 It must give a noticeable effect that you can feel INSTANTLY 
🔶 It must work regardless of what you decided to take last night
🔶 It must be applicable for both after-party use and daily use to boost focus, motivation & creativity 
🔶 It must taste amazing 
We explored every aspect of what alcohol and drugs do to the brain and worked out the perfect recipe to help you recover ….unbelievably fast! 
BrainBrain is made by people just like you who are very passionate about the festival scene & the inspiration it can offer.
And our main reason to do this is so that we can all enjoy the good times without getting off track in your daily life!