The Story of the Bad Boy and the Naughty Girl


The many shades of Fun - how much did you have?


1. If you took one or two doses of a certain drug and definitely stayed within the limits of responsible use. 


You have two options here:

1) Go to sleep and take a scoop of BrainBrain in the morning. Easy!

2) Take a scoop of BrainBrain an hour before sleep and take an additional scoop once you wake up. 

That's it. This will ensure have had your fun and come out healthy and ready for life!


2. You might have mixed a few things (I won't tell anyone) and definitely had a blast. Still, you knew your limits and got to sleep after the 1st night.


Here we recommend more than one dose on the following day, so:

1) Take one scoop after waking up and another one a few hours later. Take a third dose the next day.

2) If you want, you can double the morning dose - go for two scoops in the morning. Take a third scoop the next day. 

If you feel like it, you can continue taking BrainBrain for a few more days. Take it after breakfast. This will ensure you are back in your best shape in no time!


3. You did sleep, but did not hold back with the Fun part and the party lasted for several days. 


Do as we described in the previous option, except if you have BrainBrain with you during the party/festival, then take a scoop or two between the days as well. It will make a huge difference once you are back home!

And pass some to your friends - they will appreciate!


4. Our personal favorite - no sleep and all fun for 2+ nights.


Sometimes you just get away with it as if nothing happened...

But this one can hit hard once the new week arrives

Either way, that kind of parties do mean your body is in a big lack of sleep & nutrition which puts the body in a unique state of feeling both euphoric & tired.

Here's what you want to do:

1) Take 1-2 scoops of BrainBrain before you head home. This will have a very relaxing effect and let the body know that it can prepare for a good rest.

2) Take 2 scoops during the next day. You can take one scoop in the morning and another one later during the day or alternatively take two scoops in the morning.

3) Take 1-2 scoops during the second "day after" as well.

4) Continue with 1 scoop a day until you feel back at 100%


Alternative uses of BrainBrain:


1. You are going to a party and plan to be sober, but want to vibe along.


Take BrainBrain with you and use it as an energy drink. It will give a clear stimulating effect and boost your mood, but the stimulation will feel a lot deeper and more natural than caffeine or other stimulants. 


2. Using BrainBrain daily as a nootropic supplement to boost focus, motivation & promote brain health


Yes, BrainBrain is great for that. Take 1-2 scoops a day either in the morning after breakfast or before an activity that demands your full focus. 

NB! When used every day then the effects of BrainBrain become stronger over time. So you can lower the dose to 0,5 scoops after a few weeks. See how you feel and make your decisions based on that. 




As you see, BrainBrain is very versatile. There are many ways to make best use of this supplement. It is extremely safe and also very efficient. You can take BrainBrain whenever you feel like you need some extra energy & want to boost your mood. The main thing is - be honest with yourself and adjust your dose according to how you feel. 

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