Heavy weekend? Tired or hungover? Here’s 4 ways to beat it!?

Sometimes having a great.. no.. freakin’ epic time with your friends feels more valuable than preparing for the next day and going to sleep early. 

For some of us this means hanging out late one Friday night per year. For others, it can mean 14 weeks of no-sleep weekends full of wild parties.  

Whether you are on one side of the spectrum or the other, having a great time with people around you is an inspiring and important part of life. We all need to step out of our daily routine every now and then.

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Of course, having a great time with friends is not all there is to life. A true sense of fulfilment and happiness has a lot to do with our daily routine and success in long term goals. So how to make sure you have both? 

Well… no. 1 - Do have a great time with your friends!

And… no. 2 - Take these 4 simple precautions to make sure you can hop straight back to your everyday goals and long-term dreams!  

1. Eat quality food the day after

The food you eat the next day makes all the difference. I know you might not feel hungry or might lack the motivation to cook, but this is the best kickstarter. Fatty, nutrient rich and fresh foods are the way to go here. 

Think oven-cooked salmon, salad, green vegetables, fruits. Aged cheeses. This is not the time to order junk food from your delivery app. Take a walk to the store, buy some freakin gourmet-quality-stuff and get as fancy and healthy as you possibly can. Cooking well will give a great sense of emotional fulfilment and also offer your body what it needs to recover. 

This will turn your morning sickness and anxiety into a beautiful, sunny Sunday in no time. 

2. Take a walk 

If you are “coming down” or hungover.. then you are going to be feeling it regardless of whether you are lazy in bed on out in a beautiful place. 

So this is not the time to scroll your News Feed. Instead, go outside and give yourself a chance to experience something. 

Go and buy yourself a treat, see your favourite places. Listen to some music. Your body will appreciate the exercise and your mind will be able to feel good and enjoy the day. 

3. Don’t blame yourself

This is the important one. You know you wanted to enjoy last night. But once our brain chemistry is feeling down it is very easy to blame yourself. 

Truth is - most likely you do not regret spending the weekend with friends. But low dopamine and serotonin make it impossible to feel overly cheerful plus the use of any substances and/or alcohol creates stress and anxiety in the body. 

That’s fine. It’s a normal part of life. Relax and allow yourself a lazy day. You are just a little slower with everything that day. And if you have to be in productive and social situations - let people know that it’s that day of the week for you. Everybody will understand, we have all been through this! 

Once you lose the expectation perform at 100% this day.. you will actually find that it is quite OK to do productive tasks as well. 

4. You guessed it! - BrainBrain

This is our little miracle potion. But jokes aside - as festival organisers and hardcore party people we needed something which will kickstart our “morning after” even faster than the recommendations above.

We put in years of research and testing and finally released our unique blend of 20 active ingredients that are now known as “BrainBrain”.

A simple product, really. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs if you skip sleep and/or meals. The selected amino acids will give an instant boost of energy & sense of wellbeing. Nootropic herbal extracts will improve focus & take care of the long term health of your brain.

All of these components will kickstart your recovery like no other product on the planet. It’s not just theoretical benefit - you will feel it instantly. 

If you combine it with great quality food, going outdoors and feeling happy about everything that happened during the weekend then you are a rocket set for success!

Then you will only remember the best moments with friends, will be full of new inspiration and actually have the motivation and productive energy to blast through the week. 

Get yours now!

As a party lover - this is my most sincere recommendation. If you are not feeling the effects - just ask us for a refund in… let’s say 180 days! No questions asked. 

And you know what - we have party people to help and a business to grow, so use discount code RAVER to get 20% off your first jar.  

Thanks for reading. Hope this information helped you. And I hope you will have all the time in the world to have an epic life! See you around the festival scene!

- Henri


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