The Greater Mission of BrainBrain - Connect The Scene?

Even though BrainBrain is a supplement that helps you recover from festivals, raves and parties incredibly fast, the reason we decided to create this brand goes much deeper...

Here's our story:


#1 We want to connect the scenes and true value of the Underground scene

Festivals, raves and parties are so much more than getting wasted with your friends. There is an incredible amount of work, dedication and artistic value that is put into creating each and every event. This is the passion and expression of the organisers, artists and people who attend. 

In addition to that, these events bring a lot of inspiration and meaningful moments between people.

Our desire is to support the sustainability and growth of all of the above. We want to make sure people stay healthy and happy throughout their journey and it is our desire to connect as much of these small underground scenes as possible. 

So we can have even more amazing art, meaningful moments and enjoy the dedication of the musicians to the fullest, without feeling exhausted the days after.


#2 We want to protect the health and productivity of the people

We all want to relax and have fun. And we all have important goals in our daily lives. One does not have to exclude the other. Both have their important place in our lives. BrainBrain helps make sure your weekend fun does not interfere with your daily work, pursuits and passion. 

Drugs are used, that is a fact. But we can change our attitude to a more sustainable one and take care of ourselves along the way.

We want you to find your inspiration and then keep being inspired through the week!


#3 Festival scene wellness

We want to make sure people feel safe, positive and happy when going to festivals. We want you to be able to let loose every once in a while. We all need that. And we are offering a way that helps you do so in a way that minimises the any potential health risks.

We want to balance creativity, hard work and letting loose. They all have a valuable place in your life. By being conscious about how you do things you can get so much more done!


#4 Unhealthy habits are easy to come, but we can spread awareness

Sure, some not-so-healthy stuff is used at every festival and event. And for some, it can slowly develop into unhealthy habits that can interfere with your daily life, goals and relationships. 

It is our goal to spread awareness and make sure that doesn't happen. And if you already have a jar of BrainBrain - you can do so too by sharing it with your friends. It's a simple thing, but it matters a lot. 


#5 It's okay to have fun

The title says it all. Live a little. We all have crazy wild times in our lives and that is okay. We are young, expressive and adventurous. We want to explore stuff! Do it! And while doing so, be aware of the whole picture. 

Have fun, take care of your health, stay productive, achieve your dreams!

And get your jar on BrainBrain here!


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