Coming down from a rough weekend? Science says there is a way out!?

Did you just have an epic, mind blowing weekend? 

Having a great time with friends is amazing, but the good memories can often be overclouded by the seemingly never-ending comedown that we all have to face afterwards.  

We know how it feels:

  1. You’re out of focus & there is a lot of brain frog
  2. You feel tired
  3. Your mood is less stable
  4. You can feel anxious
  5. Many experience problems sleeping even after the weekend

Comedowns and hangovers are complex processes that are surprisingly hard to explain with a single scientific theory. This is also the reason why there isn’t a one pill solution to this. 

But if we take a look at each individual symptom separately and work with them, then there are potent supplements that can help you get going in no time!

So let’s look at them one by one and see what we can do...

1) You feel out of focus and there is a lot of brain fog

Vitamins B6 & B12 & Taurine help clear your mind, increase your attention span, eliminate confusion and allow you to focus. 

A supplement called Phosphatidylserine helps keep your mind and memory sharp & improves the ability to focus attention and concentrate.

L-theanine promotes clear thinking and has a relaxing effect. 

You might also want to try a mushroom called Lion's Mane, which is the world’s most famous natural nootropic. 

2) You feel tired:

Caffeine - not recommended. I figured it’s important to name it here as stimulants are a dangerous and ineffective way to combat a comedown. Instead, your body needs the proper “supplies” to handle it’s own energy properly again.

So here’s what you might want to try:

L-tyrosine helps the body produce dopamine and can be used to improve alertness, attention and focus. 

Vitamin B3 plays an important role in converting the food we eat into energy. It helps the body to use proteins and fats and keeps the nervous system healthy. 

Cordyceps is a mushroom that contains adenosine & cordycepin which give you a long lasting energy boost. This uplift in your energy feels 100% natural, not artificial or forced. If taken for daily-use as a nootropic supplement or during parties, you will feel a very clear surge of energy & motivation. 

3) Your mood is less stable:

N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine has been shown in numerous clinical studies to increase levels of norepinephrine and serotonin, crucial neurotransmitters that play a major role in mood and brain function.

And to keep this one simple - same for L-tyrosine. 

4) You feel anxious:

This mostly happens because you skipped meals and sleep. This, in turn depletes your body of precious vitamins and minerals which creates a very specific feeling of anxiousness. 

So it is important to restore your Vitamins C, B2, B3, B6, magnesium, calcium, sodium & zinc levels. This helps your body to restore chemical imbalances & start a rich variety of recovery processes to get back to a balanced state 

L-theanine is another supplement that can provide an instant calming effect. 

And Taurine, opposite to popular belief, is another amino acid that relaxes the body. 

If you want more, you might want to look at Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps again, as they are rich in antioxidants and help your body detox faster. 

5) You experience problems sleeping even after the weekend:

Now we are just going back to the already-established list of supplements. 

Drug & alcohol use, lack of sleep or skipping meals can flush out the electrolytes & minerals that your body crucially needs for healthy function. If you are deficient in these vital nutrients, you can have continued sleep issues. You might feel your heart racing or have mood swings. 

So good old magnesium, calcium, sodium & zinc can settle you down to a normal state in a matter of hours. 

L-theanine & Taurine provide a noticeable calming effect. 

And Phosphaditylserine & Lion's mane are commonly used to improve quality of sleep.

That’s a long list… what do I do with it?

Well, yes. There’s a total of 20 supplements mentioned here and taking 20 pills after a weekend of taking 20 pills is at least…scary. 

So I suggest two options for you:

Have a few key supplements with you. In my experience the best basic solution would be to take a multivitamin, add N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine for dopamine & serotonin support and use L-Theanine for sleep. 

Or - get yourself a jar of BrainBrain. BrainBrain is the worlds leading after-party recovery supplement and contains all of those 20 ingredients in the correct ratios. 

It gives a clear noticeable effect in a matter of minutes and will help kickstart your next week like nothing else. 

Plus instead of swallowing uncomfortable capsules, you can make yourself a tasty drink and also make sure you are properly hydrated.

We recommend it only because it completely changed the way we look at our weekends!

So get yours now and be done with long lasting comedowns. 

Enjoy your weekends and enjoy being productive during the week!

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