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No more feeling tired, anxious, or out-of-focus No more losing a day, 2 days or half a week "getting back to normal" And most importantly -- no more compromising. No more compromising Work for Play... Or Play for Work.



Does it take hours or days to recover?... To get back to your natural daily rhythm?

Wish you could have all the fun without f""king up your health?

Or perhaps you just wish you could expand your mind and reality with all the wonderful substances life has to offer...

...just without having to deal with comedowns the day after?

Sunday Sunrise Midnight Berry

Introducing BrainBrain

A carefully put-together combination of 20 potent ingredients that will replenish any lost vitamins & minerals, relax your body and provide powerful cognitive enhancing effects that last 24-48 hours.


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  • Best I've ever felt after a rave!

    Mr. Gandhi

    Local DJ

  • Going on long weekends without food and sleep, this is the least you can do for your health!

    Vadim Vitality

    Serious Man

  • Going on long weekends without food and sleep, this is the least you can do for your health!

    Doctor Enthusiast

    Cool guy

Why BrainBrain

Benefits of BrainBrain

  • Improves Mood

    N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine, another active ingredient, has been shown in numerous clinical studies to increase levels of norepinephrine and serotonin, crucial neurotransmitters that play a major role in mood and brain function. The “Lion’s Mane” in your blend, is similarly a stress-alleviant while Cordyceps creates a relaxing effect and improves quality of sleep.

  • Deep Relaxation & Calming Effects

    This unique formula replenishes your Vitamins C, 82, 83, BB, magnesium, calcium, sodium & zinc levels. This is to restore deficiencies and chemical imbalances in your body from a night of hardcore drinking or substance-intake. This in turn, helps your body to. start a rich variety of recovery processes to get back to a balanced state, The L+thenanine in BrainBrain provides a deep relaxation and calming effect. The mushroom extracts are rich in antioxidants 6 have anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate any anxiety 6 stress. Ideal for relieving any “comedown’ related anxiety.

  • Boost Energy

    Cordyceps, an ingredient of BrainBrain is a mushroom contains adenosine 6 cordycepin which give you a lasting energy boost. This uplift in your energy feels 100% natural, not artificial or forced. If taken for daily-use as a nootropic supplement or during parties, you will feel a very clear surge of energy 6 motivation. BrainBrain achieves this without using any artificial stimulants in your blend. We do not cheat you into feeling anything, yet we offer a variety of natural ways to allow the brain & body recover and feel GOOD! This achieves a much more “"realer” or “deeper” feeling of motivation 8 energy, compared to the effects of substances such as adderall or caffeine.

  • Better Sleep

    Drug 6 alcohol use, lack of sleep or skipping meals can flush out the electrolytes & minerals that your body crucially needs for healthy function. If you are deficient in these vital nutrients, you can feel extremely fatigued or anxious. You might feel your heart racing or have mood swings. That's why BrainBrain contains magnesium, calcium, sodium 6 zinc designed to settle you down to a normal state in a matter of hours. L-theanine provides a noticeable calming effect. Two other ingredients Phosphaditylserine 6 Lion's mane, are commonly used to improve quality of sleep.

  • Sharpen Focus

    Vitamins B6 & B12 & taurine help clear your mind, increase your attention span, eliminate confusion and allow you to focus. L-theanine promotes clear thinking. Lion's Mane is the world’s most famous natural nootropic. We took great care in sourcing the most potent Lion's Mane extract in the world from Mighty Fungi. Phosphatidylserine plays an important role in keeping your mind and memory sharp & improves the ability to focus attention and concentrate. BrainBrain is a stark contrast to all stimulants and “nootropic blends” in the market, as it does not make you feel "hyped. Instead, it offers a natural and effective way to “get in the zone” for true, deep focus. This will bring far better results than any of the stimulant nootropics out there today.

  • Fast Delivery

    This is where BrainBrain really shines. All of the components that help restart the recovery processes after a long night or weekend are also vital in taking care of the long term health of your brain. Vitamins C, 83, 86, 82, B12 are vital for the body & mind to feel energetic, healthy 6 positive. N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine supports learning, memory, and cognitive function. Phosphatidylserine plays an important role in keeping your mind and memory sharp. All of the herbal extracts in our blend have been chosen for their ability to improve learning, focus & cognitive function


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